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Gina Stephens
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Nothing manhandles the feel of a brisk coastal breeze on your face as you walk around a coastal town, all wrapped up in your winter woolies. Plus, it's not somewhere assorted venture to a few days after Christmas Day so you may even have a large portion of a coastal walk to yourself – bliss. 

Of course, you're successful to take your camera with you to capture may refer to: Asteroid capture, a phenomenon in which an asteroid enters a stable orbit around another body “Capture” a song by crashing waves, perhaps snow (if it's fallen) and boats as they pass in and out of the harbour. 

I positive we keep banging on about carrying a superzoom with you but the reason we keep doing this is that they're really good chessmen of kit that just make your life a little easier when out for the day. 


Take the above shots as an example. The first dead for now we hit the shutter button we were using a fairly wide focal length to get some of the harbour detail in then after this, we fast adjusted the zoom so we could use the telephoto end to focus just on the boat surrounded by open water. If we had to switch lenses, we won't have been proficient to capture both shots in succession. Sharpness is also good at both focal lengths, a factor which is always critically powerful. 

Here's a closer look at both images: 


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