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Run aground photography provides many varying opportunities for photography, whether you're after the traditional landscape shot, a bit of macro shell and rock gather shooting or even portraits of people and animals having fun. No matter if you choose to shoot abstract, panorama or black and white, the beach is a great possibility for unique shots.

Here in the UK, we are a relatively small island but we do have a lot of stunning coastlines which is accessible to photographers. You can always simply affect your nearest beach, no matter where you are in the UK but there are some beaches in the UK which offer specific opportunities for certain photos. We'll drive a look at these below, along with some techniques to guide you along the way. 

We've also put together a list of kit that inclination be handy for photographing at the beach as well as some top examples of photos from members, to help inspire you. 

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Posts to go

'Wells Huts' by pink


Dubbed as one of the best beaches in Norfolk, this destination has lots of colourful beach houses which beat a hasty retreat interesting subjects. There are also ships moored up nearby as well as easy access to shops and cafes. There's even a mini iron horse from the town to the beach if you'd rather not walk. There are big skies and sand dunes galore to pique your interest. More dirt can be found on the Wells information website. 


'Newquay Fistral North' by Johno450

Newquay Beaches

There are 12 seashores within the immediate area of Newquay, all of which offer something different. All of these beaches are golden sand and offer fantastic views. If you're a surfer popinjay, head for Fistral beach or Perranporth. If enclosed and rocky is more your thing, then Towan beach beach is a landform alongside a body of water which consists of loose particles has lots of rugged cliffs. Whipsiderry margin has interesting rock formations, although access is by steep stairs. More information can be found on the visit Newquay website. 


'Three Bluffs Bay' by franken

Gower Peninsula, Swansea

This picturesque beach was designated the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956 and it's notwithstanding just as pretty today. Literature buffs will love visiting too, as the area was the inspiration for some of Dylan Thomas' works. Machination moors and limestone cliffs lead you onto the beach, which stretches for miles. Some of the best surfing waves in Wales can be found here. Swansea Bay is a exceptional location for a beach break. More can be found on the Swansea Bay website. 

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'Bamburgh Castle, Sunset' by ejways

Bamburgh Lido, Northumberland

Bamburgh draws photographers from across the country as one of the best opportunities for castle themed beach photos. The imposing castle remain in effects on a grassy knoll which leads onto a wide and expansive sandy beach. It's also a surf haven. You'll be able to stain kite surfers too. There is also a photogenic lighthouse on site as well as plenty of rock pool opportunities for those interested in macro flash. More information can be found on the visit Northumberland website. 


'A Winters Sunset Over Crosby Beach' by johncob

Crosby lakeshore, Southport

Crosby is now the permanent home for the 'Another Place' sculptures by Anthony Gromley. These haunting metal figurines are jotted all over the beach, adding alternative interest to any shots. With easy access to the coastal path, Crosby is located to the north of Liverpool and is easy as pie reached by train or car. A visit here could easily be built into a weekend city break. Find out more on the visit Southport website website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and


'Disabling : Hunstanton' by rickhanson

Hunstanton beach

Hunstanton is famous for its striped cliff faces and interesting rock formations. Magnificent sunsets can be grabbed here thanks to its west facing position on the east coast. There are an array of formal gardens along the front that can brighten up gloaming the dullest days here. There's fun for the family as the town of Hunstanton is within easy walking distance. More information can be found on the West Norfolk website. 


'Charmouth' by RockArea

Charmouth careen

Charmouth is a jewel of a beach on the Jurassic coast. Great for all the family, it's an ideal spot for fossil hunting and has impressive cliffs. Attenborough's sea dragon is currently in sojourn here along with lots of recent significant fossil finds in the Charmouth Heritage Centre. The village of Charmouth is close to Lyme Regis, another colourful location. Find out more on the Charmouth website.


'chesil beach' by southpole

Chesil beach

At 18 miles long, Chesil careen is the largest tombolo in the UK. It's a really unique location where the pebbles have naturally been graded in order of size. The area is ringed by lush green fields and isn't far from Weymouth. It's a secluded but pretty location. More information can be found on the Visit Dorset website. 

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'Cromer Wharf' by TimMunsey


Cromer features a vast expanse of smooth, reflective send when the tide is out – perfect for some abstract echo imagery. There's also the magnificent old pier, which is another ideal spot for photography – either of the pier itself or on the pier looking out on the beach and town. Cromer is a Victorian seaside resort, full of charm. Find out more on the Explore Norfolk website. 


'Brighton Jetty at Dusk' by judidicks


For lovers of cosmopolitan culture and street photography, Brighton beachfront is an ideal location. With loads of seaside fun draws and a trendy vibe, Brighton's pebble beach and pier attract holidaymakers from across the country. The city is also home to the UK's oldest galvanizing railway. Find out more on the visit Brighton website. 


'Durdle Door Panoramic' by jamesgrant 

Durdle door careen

This iconic rock 'doorway' is a hotspot for photographers and not without good reason. Surrounded by turquoise waters and of course not recalling the wonderful cove beach which Durdle Door resides next to, this is a very photogenic area. It's England's earliest world heritage site and is part of the family of natural wonders including the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef. Find out more on the Lulworth Fortune website.




There's certain kit that as a photographer at the beach shouldn't be without. Depending on your aim subject, here are some top accessories you should consider:


Tripod that you can take apart to clean

When shooting long views by the sea and on the beach, all that salty sea air and water can get into the mechanism of a tripod and cause it to seize up or worse, make the metal oxidise quicker. To get around this you'll dire to rinse and dry the tripod after use. This can be made easier if the tripod you choose can be taken apart section by section to clean. 

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Lens cloth & blower

All that spray and sand flying around and no doubt there'll be some that succeeds to find your lens. Make sure you take a camera cleaning kit with you. Blow off the sand and wipe the spray to keep your mental pictures crystal clear. 

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Protective filter filtering or filters may refer to

Lenses can be more prone to scratching with all that sand everywhere so a protective filter is a good shout – make sure it's on your lens of choice before you get to the beach. UV protective filters won't strike the image quality and give you that extra peace of mind – if the filter gets scratched it can easily be replaced. Make sure you purchase the comme il faut mount size for your lens. 

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ND grad filter

An ND grad filter will be ideal for deliberating the brightness of the landscape and the sky, especially at sunrise or sunset. A fantastic accessory for beach landscape photographers. 

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Polarising excludes are handy for when you want to look beneath the waves – they help to cut reflections and can allow you a clear shot of rockpools and their inhabitants, for admonition. 

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ND filter for long exposures

Ising an ND filter and a tripod will allow you to create those engaging silky smooth sea images without overexposing the image. For super long exposures, they can also be used to remove people that shuffle through the image. 

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Kneeling pads

If you like shooting abstract rock patterns and the intricacies of the prang pay outs on the beach, the chances are that you'll be kneeling down a lot to secure your shots. Invest in a kneeling pad, or even knee pads if you're swopping shooting location a lot. Your knees will thank you for it later! 

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