New Year’s Resolutions For Photographers

Gina Stephens
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I Disposition Know My Gear Well

If you've got a new camera for Christmas or have fallen into the trap of switching to Auto as it's just easy to use, descry this year the year you get to grips with your camera. Take the time to learn why shutter speeds are important, how apertures can change the look of your photo and why mise en scene your white balance manually can improve your shots. Of course there are more modes, techniques and settings than listed here and you can deal plenty of advice on various aspects of photography over in ePHOTOzine's techniques section. Don't overlook sitting down and study your camera's manual too as they are usually full of good advice.



I Will Try Something New

Learn how to use a new crack up smashed of editing software or how about trying a different photography technique? There's plenty of subjects out there and you won't know if you enjoy photographing them if you don't try. If you're looking for garbage dumps, head over to ePHOTOzine's techniques section, ask your question in our forums or take a look at some of the photography earmarks that are on offer.


I Will Take My Camera With Me More Often

Many of us are guilty of leaving the camera at home a paltry too often when really if we had it in the car or even in our bag, we'd take more photos. In fact, with the large amount of smartphones on the market, why not make multitudinous use of the camera that's on your phone and most likely with you all of the time? Yes, there is a chance many won't be great but you can use the shots to learn from and ground the shots you take at a later date.

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I Will Make The Most Of The Gear I Have

Just because you don't own an expensive DSLR and desire lens doesn't mean you can't take good photos. You just have to think more about what the gear you be experiencing is capable of capturing and focus your energy into taking good shots of that with it. Plus, if you do want to photograph a particular enslave but don't think you have the right gear, there's often ways to get around it. For example, for wildlife photography you'll need longer lenses, a tripod etc. when bewitching your shots out in the wild which means it's not an ideal subject for compact users. However, you can capture wildlife shots at a zoo or wildlife parkland where you can get closer to the wildlife, making it easier for you to capture frame-filling shots may refer to: Shot (filmmaking), a part of a film between two cuts Shot (medicine), an injection Shot silk, a type of silk Showt or.



What photographic themed resolutions have you affected? Share them in the comments below. 


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