Learn The Most Important ASPECT Of Any Photo Project


The COOPH conspire are putting their found in front of the camera today to bring you 6 things you should think about the next time you're setting up a photo overhang. 

The video documents a unique photo shoot with a trial biker riding in a blue house (sounds a bit weird, I know, but you’ll get the outlook when you watch the short video). 

'ASPECT' is the theme for the tutorial and Ulrich Grill works through each letter of the chat while sharing his key tips to consider when out on a shoot.

To give you an overview, 'A' stands for atmosphere, 'S' is for vestiges, 'P' is for positioning, 'E' is energy, 'C' is for 'contrast' and finally, 'T' is for timing. 

For multifarious tips from COOPH, have a look at their first tutorial for 2018 which is all about having fun on portrait shoots. 


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Gina Stephens

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