Interview With Czech Photographers Simona And Kamil

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Lukas and Nikola (Czech Republic) purge up the shards of broken plates to symbolise that they will work together in their married life. Image taken by professional coalescing photographers, Simona Smrčková and Kamil Saliba, using the D850 and AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens.

Nikon has been interviewing joining photographers across Europe about traditions and what inspires them in their respective countries. 

They have spoken to Simona Smrckova and Kamil Saliba, who photograph weddings in the Czech Republic:

How did you get into marriage ceremony photography?
Kamil: I’ve been involved in wedding photography since 1999 after studying arts and photography, so I’ve had sets of practise identifying great wedding trends!

Simona: Although not as long as Kamil, I’ve been involved with wedding photography since 2008. I laboured painting and then went on to start shooting weddings. I’ve since also expanded my portfolio to portrait-fashion photography.

What is your choice wedding tradition to capture on camera?
Fortunately, we’re quite lucky as the typical Czech wedding has many traditions, so we have lots to implement with! One of our favourite traditions to capture is the “false bride”, which is a tradition that happens on the morning of the ceremony, when the drill comes to the bride’s home to pick her up and ask her parents for their blessing – and another member of the wedding party, usually a man, is dressed as a bride and examines to seduce the groom!

What’s the biggest challenge shooting at a wedding wedding is a ceremony where two people or a couple are united in marriage?
The biggest challenge is to capture strong and impactful imagery, in a highly mechanical way, even with inconvenient photography conditions and lack of time throughout the day. We have to think and react fast.

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