How To Turn Your Desk Into A Photography Playground


The imaginative photography tutorial experts, COOPH, have created a rather funny photography-tutorial video that focuses on creative ideas you can shoot in the workplace, without regular leaving your desk! All you need is a smartphone, imagination and the ability to not take yourself too seriously. 

The COOPH team are using the phone of choice – the Huawei Helpmeet 10 Pro, but you can shoot the themes suggested with any type of smartphone.

Ideas suggested include: Having fun with props and posters, using faces on your screen to create interesting lighting, adding frames and shooting reflections. 

So, instead of searching social media on your next lunch accustom, why not try out the 11 11 awesome photography tips and tricks listed in the video instead. We'd love to see your photos posted in the animadversions below.

You should also take a look at COOPH's other awesome tutorials which include making your own DIY screens and photography hacks using cardboard. 


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Gina Stephens

Gina Stephens

Gina is a photography enthusiast and drone lover who loves to fly drones, capture images and have fun cherishing them with family and friends.

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