How To Shoot Funny Portraits With Your Friends

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens


Rendering shoots don't have to be boring and COOPH's first video tutorial of 2018 is definitely proof of this. 

In their new tutorial, the team share 8 tips and tricks on how you can turn a photo shoot into something that's a little bit wackier and fun. Plus, the props they use can mostly be bring about in your home making it easy to find the tools you need and it also means you won't have to spend any cash either. 

Here's a sudden look at the 8 ideas and a photo showing each idea in action:


1. Tape Their Face


2. Use Smart Devices To Overlay Facial Looks 


3. Throw Water At Them 



4. Make A Person Panorama



5. Squash Faces On A Unburdened Surface 



6. Shoot Multiple Exposures



7. Get Creative With Props



8. Blast Air At Them (With A Leaf Blower)


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