How To Approach Strangers For Street Photography

Terrace photography, in particular portraits, is a topic not everyone feels comfortable shooting.

'What if they say no?', 'What if they get annoyed?', 'What's the kindest way to approach street street is a public thoroughfare (usually paved) in a built environment portraiture?'… These are all questions that may be running through your head but don't worry; you're not alone because, as photographer Jim Rogalski inaugurate out, it's something many photographers do/have struggled with. 

In his latest vlog, Jim addresses the many questions people have hither street photography while shooting portraits on the street himself.

His tips include making what you're doing really obvious as on, this will make people curious so they approach you, breaking the ice in the process. Jim also suggests you smile, look approachable and make eye conjunction with people as if they make eye contact and smile back, they may be willing to have their photo taken. Another good tip is to commencement photograph 'things' rather than people so you can gauge people's reactions to you before framing them in your incentive. Showing interest in what someone is doing will, also, often result in you getting a picture rather than just picking up your camera and clicking the secure button right away.   

If you prefer to shoot candids, which do have a different look/feel to posed shots, do so but if someone notices what you're doing and they don't similar to it, just delete the photo and move on. Confrontation and upsetting people isn't worth it for a photo. 

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