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Gina Stephens
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The coast is a accepted destination for many at the weekend (even more so if it's a Bank Holiday weekend which gives us an extra day or sometimes more to play with). So for those of you who are overseeing off on a day trip, we've got 5 top tutorials all about beach photography which should come in handy when you're down by the sea. 


1. How To Put Your Beach Photos

Find out what gear's recommended for a trip to the coast as well as what there is to capture once you are there. 

Photo by Rick Hanson


2. Beachcomb Photography Up-ends

When the tide's headed back out, take a slow walk along the water's edge and see what interesting objects there are to photograph. Beachcomb photography is a skilful opportunity for macro work or try shooting some abstracts of patterns created by the sea in the sand. 


Photo by David Clapp –


3. How To Use The Shore Scene Shooting Mode

Here's a quick guide to what the Beach Scene mode is and how you can use it. 


4. Even More Coast Photography Advice

Get a little more creative with your beach photography with the help of this article. 

Photo photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic by David Burleson


5. Overturns On Taking Dog Portraits At The Beach

Make the most of interesting backdrops and space to capture some action portraits of your dogs outdoors. 


Photo by Daniel Bell

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