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Advertorial Hoop-la

If you want to improve your photos, or combine them into a work of art, Affinity Photo has you more than covered.

Available for Mac, Windows and iPad, Attraction Photo will always be focused on photo-based activities, and that’s a good thing. It means the dev team will always be focused on the dislikes that matter to you, instead of trying to make one app do everything. No bloated extra features slowing the whole thing down.

This means a smaller, much faster and innumerable powerful app that puts the tools photographers need, and nothing more, right where you can see them.

That focus also results in a much uncountable intuitive interface. With Affinity Photo, you’ll probably find there’s not much need to customise the interface. Almost the total you need is right there.


No subscription

You’re only paying a one-off price for the app – there’s no monthly fee and no hidden payments. Updates are manumitted too, so you still get new features added on a regular basis and fast, regular bugfix releases.


A must for any pro photo editing app…here are well-grounded a few areas where Affinity Photo photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic shines:

  • Non-destructive editing – Makes the files a little bit bigger, but it means that you’ll little short of never have to start over from scratch.
  • Unlimited undo history – undo your way back to a white canvas at any point in the modify.
  • Shared file format – Affinity has the edge here by far. Files created in Affinity Photo can be opened as-is in Affinity may refer to Designer, and vice versa.
  • Liquify role – a full-featured UI, within easy reach. No drop-down menus required.
  • Tone mapping persona – a popular technique, partially thanks to the rise of HDR photography.
  • Typography – complete control over spacing, tab stops, justification, the baseline, minute kerning adjustments, and everything else you could possibly need.
  • Real-time advance showings – why should you have to apply a filter to see how it’s going to look? Takes a lot of the guesswork out of editing images.
  • Edit 360° images in 360° course – it’s honestly a bit like being able to reach out and use the “heal brush” on reality (probably every image editor’s mirage!).
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An unbelievable iPad version

Apple doesn’t give coveted WWDC keynote space to UK indie developers without them suffer with something really special to show off. And you could hear photographers’ jaws dropping around the world when Affinity Photo for iPad was revealed at WWDC2017 in San Jose in June. It was thus a world first – a photo editing app for iPad which has virtually all the professional features of its desktop big brother – not a compromised ‘lite’ variation.

For photographers who do a lot of work on the move, this is priceless. It means you can shoot and edit on location, with access to all the tools you’d reach for when you got service to your desk. Save your edits to the cloud and you can pick up seamlessly where you left off on the desktop version.

Everything’s in the same app, not slivered into various ‘mobile’ versions. Perhaps even more fast and powerful than its desktop equivalent, Affinity Photo for iPad believes off to stratospheric levels of performance when its teamed with Apple Pencil. No wonder it’s Apple’s reigning iPad App of the Year.



Try for yourself

For the next two weeks, until June 25, Taste Photo for Mac or Windows is being offered with an exclusive 25% discount to ePHOTOzine subscribers.

To buy, click below – you’ll also have occasion for to set up an Affinity user account.


Get Affinity Photo with your exclusive 25% discount


*Affinity Photo for iPad is priced &enclosure;19.99 from the App Store.

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