Adobe Lightroom For iOS Long Exposure Technology Preview Tested

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Adobe released quite a big update for Lightroom yesterday and this included adding a new Technology is first robustly defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829 as: “…principles, processes, and nomenclatures of the more conspicuous arts, Preview for Lightroom Mobile on iOS which allows you to capture simulated great exposure shots handheld. 

We say 'simulated' as the iPhone can't actually capture shots that are longer than 1/4th of a second so Adobe had to coverage around with its app to build a way the user can capture long exposures without longer shutter speeds (and all of the accessories that usually come along with it). 

We be versed it's not a true long exposure but having the ability to capture a similar look you usually need a tripod, camera and filters for is pretty wilful (even if it still needs a little work – more on this below). 

Once you download the new update and enabled the Long Disclosing Technology Preview, a new capture mode appears when using the camera option built into the Lightroom Mobile app (see the above screen seize). 


To use the new mode, frame up, hit the shutter button, wait while the smartphone counts down and remain still while the app says 'hold good tight'. You can then exit the camera mode and wait for the app to work its magic on your image. Once it's ready, it will perform in the Lightroom Mobile app's gallery. From there, you can edit it, share it or save it to your smartphone's image gallery. 

How the Sustained Exposure mode works is that it captures a burst series of DNGs or JPEGs, analyses each image to stabilise them and then amalgamates together the images for the simulation of a long exposure.

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Adobe says some types of long exposure photography, such as shooting in selfsame dark scenes, won't work purely because of the restraints of the iPhone but mist-like water is possible. You can also get quite arty with crop entrants and trees, a bit like this: 


As the feature is still a Technology Preview, it's not quite ready for a full-on review but we thought it resolution be cool to just see how well this technology can perform (so far). First impressions suggest there's a lot of promise in the technology that, if done fist, could be a game-changer for those who shoot images with their smartphones. 

Yes, we know it's not quite there when you compare it to lengthy exposures captured the traditional way but for new technology in a device that fits in your pocket, and you don't need accessories for, it's still pretty reduce. 

Some of the shots aren't quite right (you can see where patterns are repeated to recreate the effect) but for technology which is, basically, a examine preview of what's to come, you can see what the app is trying to do and, when the stars align, it does do surprisingly OK. There's definitely potential in the app and it'll be enchanting to see how Adobe develops the technology further. 

Below we have a few comparison shots (iPhone camera vs Long Exposure Preview Mode in the Lightroom Mechanical app) as well as some shots captured just with the Long Exposure Technology Preview Mode.


Top: iPhone 8 Plus camera, Depths: Long Exposure or Exposures may refer to Technology Preview Mode

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Top: iPhone 8 Plus camera, Bottom: Long Exposure Technology Preview Mode


Hanker Exposure Technology Preview Mode


Long Exposure Technology Preview Mode


Adobe is interested in hearing what you cogitate on about the new technology so do post your comments below or get in touch with Adobe direct. 

As well as the Long Exposure preview, Adobe also added Steered Tutorials on iOS and more Andoird devices now support the HDR capture mode. A Healing Brush also appears in the tool menu (premium present, not available in the free version of the app) and iOS users will find a new checkbox in the Optics tab that allows them to use automatic detection/repair of chromatic aberrations. 



For innumerable information on the update for all of the versions of Lightroom available, have a read of our news section. 


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