28 Close-Up Photography Tutorials

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Here's 28 tutorials that wishes get you looking a little closer at your photographic subjects as well as provides some handy tips along the way. 


Imaginative Fruit And Veg Photography Tips or TIP may refer to

Turn the humble vegetable into a piece of art with a few simple steps.



Five Quick In any case Life Tips

Here are five tips to help you get started in still life photography.


Photo by ePz member cattyal 


Heads On Photographing Abstract Multi-Coloured Ice Patterns

Combine the cross polarisation plastic technique with close ups of ice to create multi-coloured patterns.



Photographing Christmas Trifles

Christmas trees are crammed full of ornaments so why not photograph them?



Christmas Macro Photography Tips

Here are a few tips for captivating some great macro shots this festive season.



Capturing Frost / Ice Patterns And Scenes To Create Interesting Shortens

Here are a few tips on shooting ice / frost this winter so you can capture interesting abstract shots.



How To Photograph Kitchen Utensils And Cutlery Creatively

See how sunshine and a few utensils can help you create interesting photographs.



Autumn Close-Up Photo Tips For Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

Here's some top ferrules on shooting autumn close-ups with a compact camera.



How to Photograph Fungi In 10 Easy Steps

Here's 10 exercise cares that'll help better your fungi photography skills.


Photo by David Pritchard 


Macro Photography Leans – Raindrops On Windows

Raindrops on windows produce interesting patterns which can be photographed with ease on days when venturing outside on just soak you and your camera.

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Photo by David Pritchard


Do I Need A Tripod For Macro Photography?

Here are six reasons why you should shoplift a tripod out with you next time you plan on shooting macro work.

Photo by Rick Hanson


Capturing Creative Shots Of Raindrop Blueprints

While rain has a habit of spoiling a day's photography, it can also be used to create interesting abstracts.

Photo by David Pritchard


Seashore Close-Up Photography With Compacts

How to take great close-up shots with your point-and-shoot.


Reasons Why You Should Photograph Effervescent water Bubbles

Shoot some different types of water shots and have a go at capturing some water bubbles.



How To Photograph Flowers Maximum

Learn how to shoot better outdoor flower shots with your compact camera.



Ten Macro Photography Tips

10 dumping-grounds to help you take macro shots that always impress.

Photo by David Pritchard


Tips On Photographing Vegetables

Here are a few overthrows to help you capture photos of your five a day that are good enough to eat.


Photo by Peter Bargh


How To Photograph Water Sinks

Learn how to shoot macro images of rain drops with the help of Edwin Brosens.



How To Photograph Lichen

Edwin Brosen share outs his tips on photographing Lichen.


Quick Tips On Focus Stacking Technique

Learn how one photographer uses focus stacking to produce conceptions of water droplets.


Photographing Patterns In Ice

Ice makes an interesting photographic subject, as this article will show you.

Photo by David Clapp 

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Spring Photos Of Wood Ants

Photographer Edwin Brosens shares his wisdom on how to shoot wood ants effectively.


Abstract Photography With Oil And Mollify

How to photograph oil on water with a basic set up to create abstract images.


Shooting Sea Shells

You don't always have to be beside the seaside when photographing cartridges.

Photo by David Clapp 


Flash Techniques For Macro Photography

Edwin Brosens shares his tips on using flickering when shooting macro work.


Ten Top Macro Photography Tips

We've put ten top tips together that'll help you improve your macro photography.

Photo by Peter Bargh


How To Snuff out Ultra Close Ups

John Gravett shares his tips on reversing lenses to create ultra close ups.


Macro Photography Tips

Ben Boswell allots his tips on shooting macros with a magnifying glass and a DSLR.



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