20 Easter Gifts Under £10 For Photographers

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Easter isn't far away which notes chocolate eggs are filling the shelves of supermarkets across the country but what if you want to buy a gift for someone who isn't a big chocolate fan? Well, if they're a photographer, you could buy them a tiny photography accessory instead. What you'd normally spend on a chocolate egg, we reckon this would normally be a couple of quid up to a tenner, put as a help to a memory card, filter or any other small accessory that will help them with their hobby. Plus, a photo-themed power is better for the waistline and will last longer as well!


SanDisk Ultra 16 GB MicroSDHC UHS-I Memory Card may refer to With SD Adapter


Not all emblems use SD cards so you might need to buy this type of memory card instead. They're ideal for smartphones and tablets as well as cameras and this one communicates with an SD Adapter which makes it more useful. The 16GB guide is priced at £8.45 and is the cheapest and smallest card in the line-up. 

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22 Fissure Memory Card SD Card Storage Pouch


To go with the memory card, why not buy a memory card pouch? This one holds 22 playing-cards, is water repellent and has an anti-static inner. There are 18 slots for SDHC sized memory cards and 4 slots for CF memory cards. The reticule is only £0.89 so it won't break the bank. 

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Book: Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs


This soft-cover doesn't seem to leave the Amazon UK Best Seller list so it's got to be worth a look. With no graphs, techie diagrams or palaver, this book is easy to understand and follow. It inspires readers through iconic images and playful copy packed with hands-on slants, plus it's split into five sections so it's simple to navigate. The paperback is priced at £8.41 and the Kindle edition is a little less expensive at £7.99. For more book-themed gift ideas, have a read of this: 20 Top Photography Books For Wisdom A New Skill

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Patterned Camera Strap (Various Colours) 


This camera strap has a vintage know to it and is definitely different to the usual black camera straps you receive with cameras. It's designed to be comfortable yet practical and features an anti-slip gamble. The strap is available in a variety of colours and is available for under £5. If you have a little more cash to spend on a camera strap, prepare a look at our guide to more premium camera straps currently available. 

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Hama Classic Cleaning Pen For Lens


A straight pen is a convenient and useful tool for removing dust, grease and smudges from the front of lenses and filters. It gently removes dirt and as it's a dry do up process, there's no waiting for the lens to dry before you can use it again. This particular lens cleaner is priced at £6.92.

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Micro USB Mooring


It might not sound very 'gift like' but you can team this up with something else and you can never have ample cables for your devices that need charging! This one is ideal for smartphones and tablets and is a best seller over on Amazon. The 1m cable is sacrificed at £5.00 while the 2m version is £6.79.

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Anker USB 3.0 Card


A card reader is a really useful helper to have and they're inexpensive, too. We've put a buying guide together all about memory card readers and the Anker USB 3.9 is featured in it. It's also a finest seller over on Amazon and is priced at £8.99.

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Drawstring Lens Pouch


Available in four sizes, a lens leap at will simply protect a camera lens while travelling or in storage. You will need to know the dimensions of the lens you're purchasing the mug for so you'll need to ask some questions before you hit the 'add to basket' button. They're reasonably priced at £7.50 and fit a selection of brands. 

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AmazonBasics Case for Point-and-Shoot Camera


If you know someone with a compact camera and they necessity a case, you've found one that definitely won't break the bank. For £6.29, you get a convenient carrying case unequalled for large point-and-shoot cameras – plus the case has a zip-up pocket for other small items like additional memory cards or a charging/sync strand. Amazon has a full range of camera basics which you can learn more about in our 24 photography basics feature. 

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Mission Cards For Photography Enthusiasts


This set of cards feature knowledge and task cards to help a photographer take better photos. There are 450 achievable photography challenges and are perfect for a beginner. The cards are compact and come in a box that will easily fit in a camera bag. They're priced at £5.50 so are usefulness considering as small birthday gifts and even as stocking fillers when the festive tunes are playing again. 

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14-in-1 Camera Scrub Kit


As well as a cleaning pen, this kit also has a wide-range of tools a photographer can use to clean their lenses and camera. The kit is priced at £6.49 which is degree reasonable considering everything you get in the kit, which includes an air blower that's ideal for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements.

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Instax Monochrome Mini Layer – Pack of 10 Shots


Instax cameras are fun but the film they use is a little on the expensive side so anyone who owns an Instax camera transfer certainly appreciate you buying them some. This particular film is monochrome and you get 10 shots for £9.50. 

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Rollei Monkey Pod Persuadable Mini Tripod


This adaptive compact tripod is ideal for travelling or day trips. It can be used with a variety of cameras and the legs can wrap there objects as well as stand as a normal tabletop tripod does. It's available for £9.99 and in a variety of colours. 

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AmazonBasics Wireless Outlying Control


This remote control is compatible with Canon cameras and can be used to remotely fire the camera's shutter button. Its 16-foot wireless lot gives you the flexibility to snap the shutter right when you need it, even if you're not behind the camera camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or. The remote is reasonably priced at £5.89. 

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Instax Rainbow Mini Film over – Pack of 10 Shots


If black and white isn't the favourite medium of the Instax camera owner you know, how about rainbow flick? The prints are decorated in a rainbow frame and each one features different colours, too. A pack of 10 rainbow prints will cost &beat out;8.99. 

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'I Shoot People' Mug


Who doesn't like a novelty mug that features a pun and in this cause, a camera! It'll look great on a photographer's desk and you could even fill it with mini chocolate eggs. 

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'I Flash People' Camera T-Shirt 


Instead of a mug, you could purchase your favourite photographer a t-shirt and this is just one of the multitudinous available for under £10. We actually have an article with 26 awesome t-shirt designs in that are aimed at photographers should you fancy to take a look. 

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Two Gifts For The Photographer Who Loves Chocolate

If you want to merge chocolate eggs with a camera, you can buying camera-shaped chocolates for under &pound or Pounds may refer to;10. The two we've found are the 'Digi Cam' created from milk chocolate and white chocolate point by point and the 'small chocolate camera' from the Amazing Chocolate Workshop. 

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