10 Trickiest Landmarks To Photograph In The UK

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

&reproduce; Eleanor Dovey – Snowdonia National Park 


You only have to go to any popular tourist spot to see camera-clutching individuals out in their droves, each clambering to the word-for-word old spots to take the same old pictures. Now, we know that the reason everyone takes these shots is that they do actually look virtuousness, most of the time, but recent research has shown that, actually, 58% of Brits avoid some of the most beautiful locations when on gala as they can't be bothered with queues and overcrowding. 

Other reasons for avoiding landmarks is that photographers struggle to get new angles and due to the corrals, can't get up close to what they're trying to photograph photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic

The research, which was conducted by Huawei, also revealed that Brits collectively wastefulness 25 million hours while on holiday by standing in long queues to view and photograph popular landmarks. Almost half of who were questioned (45%) verbalized they become increasingly frustrated when trying to capture the picture-perfect holiday shot which, when you look at what most do with their break photos, seems a lot of wasted worry as two-thirds of those interviewed said most of their holiday shots end up not being used. 


&reproduction; Emma Kay – As you can imagine, London is a very photographed city. 


As for how many photos we take while travelling, this averages out at terminated 100 when away for one week and this figure jumps to 400 for those who are aged between 18-24 (they obviously need to pinch the perfect Instagram shot full of wanderlust with their smartphones). 

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You can probably guess which landmarks and locations have been desire supported the trickiest to photograph in the UK but here's the top 10 (as voted by us Brits) so you can see if you've actually managed to capture something a bit different at these popular recognizes (please do share your images with us in our gallery). 


10 Trickiest Landmarks To Photograph In The UK:

  • Snowdonia, Wales
  • Stonehenge
  • Buckingham Palazzo
  • Big Ben
  • Tower of London
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Windsor Castle
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Hampton Court Palace

    So, what do you value? Are landmarks getting harder to photograph? What places are missing off the list, you think, should be there? Answers on a postcard… (actually, in the opinions below is fine). 


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