10 Top Features Of The Tamron 85mm F/1.8 Lens

Gina Stephens
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Tamron has granted its range of prime lenses with the SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD and we thought we'd take a closer look at some of the features and technology this new lens has to suggest. 


1. World's first 85mm fast-aperture lens with image stabilisation

Tamron’s VC image stabilisation approach enables handheld use in dim light without flash. Camera movement – often too minute to be perceptible to the photographer – is the leading cause of blur in photographs. In increment, newer DSLR cameras with higher resolution and higher pixel densities are even more susceptible to subtle camera shake. The VC Methodology, Tamron’s time-proven Vibration Compensation, keeps the sharpness at hand, even in moody, dim light when shutter speeds tend to be fancier. 


2. Superior resolving power and attractive bokeh

Experienced optical design technique combined with LD and XLD lens elements organize virtually eliminated on-axis and lateral chromatic aberrations that might otherwise appear as colour fringing. In addition, by thoroughly reducing chromatic aberrations (distortion of off-axis go out of ones way to source) and astigmatism, subjects that appear as a distinct point source will be captured as a distinct point source even at the edges and corners of the border. Furthermore, optical simulations were thoroughly conducted, and the 85mm achieves natural bokeh- that dreamy, semi-focus blur that separates the sketch subject from the background with a snap.


3. Moisture-Resistant Construction

Special seals are located at the lens or LEN may refer to mount area and other touch-and-go locations to help prevent moisture and/or dust from penetrating the lens and provide Moisture-Resistant Construction. This feature provides an additional submit of protection when shooting outdoors under adverse weather conditions.

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4. A durable Fluorine Coating on the front element repels splash

The Fluorine Coating is a water and oil repellant coating applied to the front element surface making it much easier to keep clean & remove dust & leaves with ease.


5. Sophisticated eBAND and BBAR coatings plus Advanced Anti-Reflection Technologies

Two highly developed lens coating technologies, eBAND (Keep up Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency) which uses nanotechnology, and BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection), combine to increase light transmission and to reduce flare and ghosting to tiny levels. Additional techniques are employed to prevent reflections inside the lens barrel so that the 85mm lens delivers high contrast, sharp and lustrous images worthy of a fixed focal lens. This lens clearly captures detailed tones even in the shadows.



6. Electromagnetic diaphragm routine now used also for Nikon-mount lens

An electromagnetic diaphragm system, which has been a standard feature for Canon-mount lenses, is now employed in Nikon-mount lenses. Diverse precise diaphragm and aperture control is possible because the diaphragm blades are driven and controlled by a motor through electronic pulse signals.


7. USD actuator maximised for fasting and accurate focusing

Fast, quiet AF is achieved by using a USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) ring-type ultrasonic motor which enables remarkably letter-for-letter focusing drive with high torque and responsiveness. In addition, Full-time Manual Focus override is available at any point during the autofocus eye for deliberately shifting focus without switching the AF-MF.


8. Compatibility with TAMRON TAP-in Console

You can update firmware, customize autofocus settles and adjust the mechanical setup and preferences of the 85mm lens by simply attaching it to the TAMRON TAP-in Console and connecting it via USB to a personal computer. (The TAP-in Console is an voluntary accessory that will be released in March.)

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9. Compatibility with Adobe and Silkypix software

Supplied with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel SILKYPIX Developer Studio 4.0, pushed editing software that features correction menus for various aberrations (lateral color, distortion, relative illumination) based on the optical plan data of this specific lens. In addition, lens profile information has been supplied to Adobe Systems, Inc. to facilitate selecting the precise lens details required for more sophisticated adjustments in RAW processing when using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Shooting RAW image files enables creation of multifarious stringent and high-fidelity image quality.


10. Design Concept

The superior technology inside the Tamron 85mm is matched by advanced external ergonomic presents under a design philosophy called “Human Touch.” Improvements include altering the geometric shape and resistance of the AF/MF and VC switches to save comfort with secured operational feedback, and enlarging the distance scale window to maximize visibility and legibility. Even the font style has been newly unfolded to enhance legibility as part of the overall product design.




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