10 Stunning Architecture Shots For You To Be Inspired By


Our supporters COOPH usually put photography-themed tutorials together for you to learn from but this time, they've gone down the inspiration road with a momentary video that showcases some lovely-looking architecture shots. 

The COOPH team hope the images will give you some town shooting ideas and fill you with architectural inspiration so you can head out to your nearest town or city with your camera. While you are there, you should also try your grasp at street photography or how about a photo walk? 

All of the images featured in the video were submitted by the COOPH community but we know our pleasant members have some awesome architecture photos, too, so please do share them in the comments below or in our gallery.


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Gina Stephens

Gina Stephens

Gina is a photography enthusiast and drone lover who loves to fly drones, capture images and have fun cherishing them with family and friends.

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