10 Rainy Day Photography Tutorials

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

Today is the triumph day of April and as we can pretty much guarantee that April's famous showers will fall over the UK and Ireland over the next few weeks, we brainstorm we'd give you some rain photography inspiration.

Learn to shoot creative portraits in the rain, brush-up on your landscape skills or how nearly trying to capture macro shots of raindrops on plants? Whatever you photograph, do remember that your rain-themed image could win you a prize if you win our weekly Photo Month contest.

Photography Tips For Bad Weather Days  –  Is there such thing as the wrong weather for photography? Have a read and rouse out.


How To Take Great Landscape Shots When It's Raining – When it rains should you put your camera away? Articulately, read on and you'll soon be saying no.


How To Photograph Daffodils In The Rain – We have a few tips on how you can capture Daffodil shots with a turn.


Water Drop Photography Tips – Learn how to shoot macro images of waterdrops with the help of Edwin Brosens.


Photographing Considerations In The Rain – Take your camera out and photograph the pictures painted by reflections on wet streets.

Photo by David Clapp



Catching Creative Shots Of Raindrop Patterns – While rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then becomes heavy enough to fall has a habit of spoiling a day's photography, it can also be used to create riveting abstracts.


How To Still Shoot Photos At Festivals In The Rain – As the Leeds and Reading festivals are just around the corner, here are some top tiptops for shooting in the rain at festivals.

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Photography In The Rain: Tips And Advice – Doug Jackson explains why rain shouldn't prevent you from taking photos.



Don't Let The Rain Stop You Taking Photos! – If you are stuck indoors or get caught outdoors in a thunderstorm, here are some ideas on how you can still enjoy some photography.


Bad Weather Photography Tips – How to cope with bad endure so it doesn't spoil your day of photography.


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