Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta)

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

It found out of nowhere, a brand-new full-frame professional level mirrorless camera and lens system: the Leica SL. It combines a new lens system (make use ofing the existing mount from the T) with an extremely high resolution viewfinder and a sensor based on the one found in the coveted (by some, not all) Leica Q. That’s really a recipe, but is the camera really worth the lavish sum of its parts? We’ve done some preliminary studio testing, including a dynamic range examination, and put it in front of our standard test scene. Head to the next page to see how the SL shapes up in our testing*

* Please note that the Leica SL that we used for these tests is a near but not final production camera running pre-production firmware. As such, sculpture quality may not reflect the output of final shipping cameras camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or (although it is likely to be very close).


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