Buying Guide: Best cameras for beginners

Gina Stephens
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Final updated: November 21, 2017

Good as your smartphone is, a dedicated camera will generally take better images. It doesn’t have to be complicated, notwithstanding that. Here we look at the beginner-friendly cameras camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or that aim to make it easy to get better photos without necessarily having to learn about f-numbers and block out speeds.

If you’re looking to continue learning about the craft and take increasing control over your camera, we’d point you in the direction of our Best Cameras for Trainees guide. If you just want your photos to look better, read on…

Our Pick: Canon EOS Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D)

The Rebel SL2 is a very lightweight, closely-knit DSLR with excellent JPEG rendering and manual exposure controls when you’re ready for them. It provides a few useful features that beginners leave likely find useful, like a touchscreen and quick Dual Pixel autofocus in live view, and still offers the traditional (albeit trivial) optical viewfinder that its mirrorless peers lack.

You’ll have plenty of options when you decide to add new lenses to your kit, but you’ll already be well-equipped to get started with the kit lens. Completely, Canon’s useful Feature Assistant beginner mode will ease you into the wide world of setting shutter speed and aperture.

We think about all of the cameras below when picking our winner, and even though we think the SL2 is the best all-rounder, the cameras on our short list are all worthy contenders. If you’re not convinced by our pick, assume from through this buying guide for a detailed breakdown of each camera’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Our Pick: Canon EOS Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D)
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Also over:

  • Canon EOS M100
  • Nikon D3400
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 III
  • Sony Alpha a5100


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