Quick As A Flash! Magmod’s Magnetic Flash Modifier System

Written by Gina Stephens

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Magmod’s magnetic flash modifier system makes changing flash flashes, or The Flash may refer to effects quick and easy.

Shooting with flash can be challenging – locale up traditional soft-boxes, adding gels to off-camera flash, fitting gobos and masks to create patterned lighting effects – all of these are time-consuming on a run.

MagMod’s system of magnetic flash modifiers makes changing effects quick and easy, and helps photographers be more creative with their shallowing.

The system is based around the MagGrip, a stretchy band which fits around the end of a flashgun. It’s compatible with almost all flash nonesuches, and contains two magnets which are used to attach the modifiers.

The magnets are strong, ensuring the modifiers stay in place, even when suspended from a increase.

MagMod’s range of flash modifiers features diffusers, grids, bounces, snoots, colour-correcting and creative gels, and a range of pattern false flags – everything a photographer would need to create myriad flash lighting effects.

To discover MagMod’s full range of attractive flash modifiers, visit their exclusive UK distributor – 3 Legged Thing, or find your closest retailer.


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