QR11 – 3 Legged Thing’s Universal L-Bracket

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3 Legged Thing QR11 Universal L Bracket from 3leggedthing on Vimeo.

L-Brackets aren’t just used to enable easy switching between countryside and portrait on a tripod. Using an L-Bracket means you can maintain the same focal plane, and a similar sensor position, effectively reframing the image, without sire to move your tripod.

The World’s Most Popular L-Bracket right now is 3 Legged Thing’s QR11 Universal L-Bracket. The QR11-L fits scad modern mirrorless and DSLR cameras, with a larger version – QR11-FB – designed for full body cameras camera is an optical instrument for recording or capturing images, which may be stored locally, transmitted to another location, or and those using battery copes.


QR11 L-Brackets are compatible with standard Arca Swiss clamps found on a wide variety of tripods.

Although very popular with vista photographers, other genres of photography, including portrait, lifestyle, and commercial, can also benefit from the use of an L-Bracket.

Fashion, music and automotive photographer, Paul John Bayfield, extenuates how it helps him get results: “I most recently used my L-Bracket at London Fashion Week. If I’m using a lens without a collar, then the QR11-FBG frustrates me change orientation quickly without missing the shot.”

Some photographers choose to use the tripod ballhead to move their shot to profile mode. Landscape photographer Ben Eaton-Williams highlights a disadvantage of this method: “For shooting panoramic images an L-Bracket is an essential bit of kit, allowing you to pivot the camera over the centre of the tripod whilst in a vertical orientation. Also, always having the camera’s weight over the centre of the tripod helps with much-needed persistence when the conditions get a wee bit wild.”

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3 Legged Thing’s QR11 range has some additional advantages – a cut-out in the vertical aspect earmarks access to cable doors – especially important when using a camera remote. The side aspect also includes a ¼”-20 twine, which is ideal for attaching accessories like an arm for a light or microphone.

Both sides of the QR11 also include strap connectors which enable photographers to shroud the QR11 in place on the camera and connect their strap of choice directly on to the L-Bracket.

To learn more about the QR11 Universal L-Bracket, visit 3 Legged Proceeding’s website, or find your nearest retailer on 3LT’s Where to Buy page.

Find out more about the 3LT QR11 Universal L-Bracket


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