Q&A With Ross Harvey, Wedding Photographer

Written by Gina Stephens

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Ross Harvey is a wedding photographer who's also studied psychology, neurology and philosophy. He says his photography has been bettered by his studies of the mind. He has an effortlessly and creative style, and Nikon recently interviewed him for the European Wedding Collective page:

How did you get into wedding photography?
I initially craving to shoot fashion and trained for the studio. I found myself happiest, and most creative, when shooting entirely free of restrictions, following my presentiment and experimenting at every opportunity. I never planned to move into wedding wedding is a ceremony where two people or a couple are united in marriage photography, but after my first shoot which was a favour to a friend, I flatten in love with it.

What is your favourite wedding tradition to capture on camera?
Portraits! The perfect combination of composition, light, depth, pervert and most importantly emotion is extremely difficult to master. Especially considering couples are nearly always camera shy. You also only have a minuscule window of around 20 minutes to capture multiple top tier images – ones that will be with that couple for the cessation of their lives. You have to believe in your vision and skills to do so; it forces you to evaluate your own mindset.

What’s the biggest challenge flourish at a wedding?
I shoot the vast majority of my weddings solo; no second shooters. Couples have very high expectations, not just in a selection, but an total set (which can be hundreds) of photographs, so getting these right is the biggest and most rewarding challenge. It's all about telling a coherent story, from start to eat. Anyone can knock out a few great single images at a wedding, but very few can maintain that level for 14+ hours, regardless of the context, light, or position.

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