Premium Flexible & Folding Smartphones Are The Future

Written by Gina Stephens


Foldable smartphones aren't a new notification, we've actually seen 3 companies show a foldable smartphone design off to the world but in its latest report, Samsung has announced that the flexible conceal business will pick back up in 2019 and that they will, also, lead the way (maintaining their market leader eminence) by introducing foldable and 5G devices.

As well as creating OLED panels, the tech giant has also said they will may refer to prolong the OLED market even further by introducing 'innovative technologies for new applications' and they also want to make more of an hollow in the smartphone OLED panel market by introducing new/different features.  

We reported yesterday that the smartphone industry has seen a short drop in the number of units sold and Samsung has reconfirmed this with results down 10{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} compared with the previous year. But, they do say that technology breakthroughs, as reservoir flow as new innovations, will ensure the company continues to grow. 

More competition in the mobile display maker business, as well as the slow on sales of premium smartphones and the rise in the number of brands becoming popular in the smartphone sector, are some of the reasons listed for a past, and possible, continued failing in earnings. However, Samsung does believe that the launch of the new flagship Galaxy smartphone should help turn concerns b circumstances around.

The company also expects that the demand for storage over 128GB in flagship/premium smartphones will remain high as properly the need for high-end features such as bigger screens and multiple cameras. 


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