Pictar Pro Brings DSLR-Style Controls To Smartphones

Written by Gina Stephens


Miggo, the designate you may recognise for creating flexible and compact tripods, has introduced a new grip for smartphone photographers that gives them access to DSLR-style levers. 

The Pictar Pro is actually a follow-up to the Pictar announced in 2016 and like the previous version, the Picatar Pro features control dials/buttons, a huge grip and a shutter button modern clothing and fashion design, a button is a small fastener, now most commonly made of plastic, but also frequently made of. Plus, there's a zoom rocker switch to make it easier to zoom in/out, a smart wheel which grants you to switch between 9 shooting modes (press it and you can scroll through different flash options, too)  and an exposure compensation wheel to darken/light up images (this button also doubles-up as a selfie shutter button). You can change the function of the button via the app. 

A standard size cold-shoe connector run-down flashes, mics and other accessories can be used with the Pictar Pro which also comes with a viewfinder that attaches via a over slot and sits over the top of your smartphone screen. The viewfinder features a plastic optical lens and Miggo says it blocks out sunlight so meretriciousness won't be an issue. It's also collapsible for easy storage when not in use. 


For times when you find your smartphone low on battery, a 1400mAh battery is shaped in which can charge smartphones via Qi wireless charging. 

Like the Pictar announced a couple of years ago, the new Pictar Pro connects to smartphones with resound. It may seem a bit strange but each control produces a different sound wave that the Pictar app recognises and changes corresponding settings as a result. Don't irritation; you can't hear the noises so it won't be annoying. 

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To connect smartphones (a wide variety are compatible) to the Pictar Pro, you just slide your phone into the hold, load the Picatar app and away you go. Plus, the smartphone lens remains uncovered so, if you like, you could add optical accessories. 



Miggo has launched the Pictar Pro totally Kickstarter and it's proving to be very popular. If you want to own a Pictar Pro, a pledge of $119 or more will secure you one. Shipping is expected to start in Parade 2019. 


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