Photography Trends For 2018: Wildlife, Patterns & Inspirational Travel

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Profession all stock photographers! Alamy has put together its 2018 image trend report so you can start capturing the types of images that people desire be looking for this year. 

To compile their data, Alamy looked at thousands of images their customers have purchased beyond the past 3 months to identify trends and patterns in both UK and US markets.  

This year's data showed very nearly the same key trends for the UK and America so as well as outlining four key trends to watch out for this year, Image Trends 2018 focuses on the stylistic qualities of the perceptions trending in each market. Each of the four trends are also supported by examples of the types of imagery bought from each market so you can see literally what people are searching for. 

Commenting on the report, which is the third annual image image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, for example, a photo or a two-dimensional picture, that trends report the popular stock site has fabricated, Alamy said: "Keeping track of what’s trending will give you the insight you need to make your 2018 work ups relevant and keep them looking fresh. What’s more, you can impress your clients by introducing them to the images that’ll hit and engage their target audience this year."


Photo Styles

According to the report, the UK is still looking for 'authoritative looking photographs' that have much more natural qualities while the USA, even though it is developing a liking for myriad contemporary themes is still looking for images that have a much more 'staged' appearance.  

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Commenting on the vivid styles, report creator Visual communicator and design professional Ned Selby said: "Perhaps the remnants of that 50s advertising mode of expression still have America in their clutches? Or maybe British pessimism just wouldn’t stand for such gloss? Either way, there’s no device of this stylistic division letting up."


Trending Themes

Topping the trends list again is 'Travel' with the UK wanting to see metaphors that capture both UK-centric and international destinations. A similar split can be seen in the USA, too, with people searching for images of escapism as well as those that imitate a home-front staycation. 

'Lifestyle' imagery will always be a theme that runs through stock photography sites and the UK is currently starving for food shots and on-the-go content that focuses on healthy living, fitness, weight issues and sport, with a few searches for bloodline and relationship imagery thrown in. Quite a bit of it is mobile photography, too. 

Over in the USA, relationships (particularly family) and sport are popular themes but business lifestyle allusion is the big player under this particular umbrella.  

A slightly different theme to last year that could be down to being needing escapism and a distraction is 'Wildlife'


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"Not everyone has time to get out and immerse themselves in nature, and in our increasingly urban lifestyles, joining with nature can be tricky. Both our US and UK customers are turning to wildlife and nature imagery as one way of embracing the natural world and using it as a focus to help lash off their buzzing minds," said Ned. 

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In the UK, it's bird-watching imagery we like the most while the USA opted for a more varied choice of wildlife and natural settings in their favourite photos. 

The final trend in the list is 'Graphic Pattern' as people are searching for these to use on websites and to must some fun on social media. Quite a few trends trending, or trends may refer to: Fad, a collective behavior that lasts a short time (clothing, music styles etc.) have also taken influence from the 90s so it makes sense that stalwart, graphic patterns are back in favour. 

Take a look at the 2018 image trend report to see the full findings. 


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