Photographing The Blood Moon With Astrophotographer Michi Rust

Written by Gina Stephens


Late in July, the century's longest lunar eclipse occurred, forming a blood moon that was visible across quite a few countries and it was an chance many astrophotographers didn't want to miss out on. 

One such photographer was Michi Rust who, with the help of the COOPH collaborate, shot a behind-the-scenes tutorial on what equipment you need and the steps you need to take in order to photography awesome shots of the moon. There's some unbelievably crazy equipment involved, including a huge telescope, so it's pretty cool to see the whole process in action. 

As well as sharing the exceeding video, the COOPH team also gave us some of the photos from the shoot which you can see below. 


© Michi Rust / COOPH


&facsimile; Michi Rust / COOPH


© Michi Rust / COOPH


© Michi Rust / COOPH


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