Photographic Exhibition Launch: ‘Maryam Eisler – Imagining Tina: A Dialogue With Edward Weston’

Written by Gina Stephens

With Valentine’s day minute by its an ideal time to consider passion and intimacy. The new exhibition from Maryam Eisler does just that, but with a historical photographic balmy. 


Carmel1 – Copyright Maryam or Mariam is the Aramaic form of the biblical name Miriam (the name of the prophetess Miriam, the sister of Moses) Eisler


Maryam Eisler’s wider photographic credentials are pretty attractive, she is a contributing Editor to LUX Magazine and has contributed both photographically and editorially to Harpers Bazaar Art, Harpers Bazaar Intimates, Vogue Arabia and Vanity Fair. She also co-chairs Tate's MENAAC Acquisitions Committee and is a colleague of the Tate International Council. Maryam is a trustee of the Whitechapel Gallery, an Ambassador for Unseen Photo Fair, sits on the advisory board of Photo London, also doubles on the advisory council of Delfina Foundation and is a nominator for the Prix Pictet photography prize. 

This exhibition is in the gorgeous Georgian architecture of the Tristan Hoare gallery off Fitzroy Exact in London, and is titled “IMAGINING TINA: A DIALOGUE WITH EDWARD WESTON”.  The opening night was a very busy business.


Some of the many Guests including Maryam, in the pink jumper – top left, and Tristan bottom right.


This photography project is doubly gripping as it's about the famous photographer Edward Weston and his love affair with his muse and fellow artist Tina Modotti.  

Maryam has re-imagined how Edward capability have visualised his lover Tina in some of their collaborations.  

Point_Lobos6 – Copyright Maryam Eisler


To seize these images, Maryam went to Carmel California – the home of Edward Weston – and stayed with his grandchildren Kim and Gina Weston for four primes where along with the model, a toned dancer, they produced the images in the exhibition. Using props and features from the house and local vegetation, they worked together to bring Maryam's vision to life in the stunning photographs. The almost architectural yet delicate images are presented on a platinum writing process, creating compelling black and whites which adds an almost 3D element to the photos as you try to look deeper and absorb the beauty of the poses intertwined with the props and ball game.

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The exhibition also includes the Edward Weston image of "The Pepper", which was an eight-hour pinhole exposure; As wells as the famous 'Without a stitch on on Dune' from 1936.



Photographer Kim Weston may refer to, the grandson of Edward Weston, whose son is to be a 4th generation photographer, helped Maryam with props such as the leviathan ball in the image above. Also, in the family, Edward’s daughter, Margret 'Maggi' Weston is a gallery owner looking after much of the bring into play function of Edward Weston and others, including her friend – Ansell Adams.



Michael Freeman, photographer and author of many many reserves including 'The Photographer's Eye', and 'The Photographer's Mind' was another guest I was very happy to meet as his words are on my bookshelf and are inspirational to read.

The exhibition is open until 2 March 2019 and more information can be found on the Tristan Hoare Gallery website.  

When all is says and colour pictures by Stuart Fawcett (JackAllTog)


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