Photograph Rain In Different Ways

Written by Gina Stephens

Counterpart by Peter Bargh

It's winter, and so there is sure to be plenty of rain about. Why not make the most of it and take some creative photos of the pour with your Nikon lenses? Here are some ideas:

Macro Raindrops –  Try shooting the raindrops that land on your windows when it cloudbursts. Focussing on the drops using a wide aperture will blur the view out of the window, creating a nice smooth background for the image. Look for an section of the window that has some particularly interesting drops. You can also use the raindrops to create a miniature scene and the technical term for this is refraction. This order work best if the raindrops are on a washing line or somewhere else they can hang from. 

Slow Shutter Speed Landscapes – Acquiring a go at some slow shutter speed landscapes in the rain can create some really arresting images. An exposure of around a quarter to a half of a tick should be fine and this will allow the rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then becomes heavy enough to fall to streak, creating a sense of heavy rain in the image. 

Reflections From Puddles – When it drizzles, it creates an opportunity to photograph reflections of buildings such as churches and inner city architecture. Head out just after it's stopped sprinkling to get still puddles for maximum reflection.

Bounceback In Puddles – If it's still raining, don't worry as some good photos can calm be taken in puddles as the rain falls. Take an umbrella to shield yourself and the camera, and position yourself so that your reflection isn't in the discharge, unless that's what you're going for. You'll need a relatively fast shutter speed to capture the drops as they plop into the puddle and invent lovely shapes and patterns.

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Candid Street Photography  – If you're out and about in the rain, have a go at photographing people as they path by. 


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