Photo Opportunities Not To Be Missed This Spring

Written by Gina Stephens

Photo by David Pritchard.

Broach officially begins this month (20 March if you want to be precise) so we want to fuel you with spring ideas and suggestions so when it does get there come, you'll be ready to head out with your camera. So, here's a list of all the best photographic opportunities this spring you won't hunger for to miss.



One of the most notable and iconic features of spring is the abundance of baby animals. The easiest of these to go out and photograph freely are lambs. They are spritely living thing physicals, and so to capture them sharply, use a higher shutter speed as they are liable to move just as you have set up your shot. There is more tidings on lamb photography in our lamb photography tutorial.



At the beginning of spring, snowdrops and daffodils will begin to shoot and bloom, support ample opportunity for some macro and flower cluster shots. Head out to your nearest wooded area to find some wild flexibility flowers as well as waiting for the flowers in your garden to show.

More tips on photographing spring flowers can be found here: Experience Flower Photography Tips


Photo by David Pritchard.


The Last Frosts

At this time of year, the weather is getting quieter, but you'll still be able to capture some frost if you're up and about early enough. Frost looks great when it forms on newly germinating plants, as the vibrant colour contrasts nicely with the white of the frost.  You can find out more in our frost photography tutorial.

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Impudent Vegetation

Spring is not just about close-up shots. Take advantage of the blooming colours and fresh greens to create wider vista shots, or even panoramas, that look more vibrant and alive. ePHOTOzine has plenty of landscape tutorials over in our technique element. 


Sunrise / Sunset

You can still capture the sunrise at a reasonable time now and the sun is still going down just after myriad finish work giving you chance to capture a cracking sunset too. 

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Showers/ Shooting In The Rain

Showers are a key part of spring, and they shouldn't put you off getting out with your camera. Some grand shots can be achieved in the rain, and more information on how to capture them can be found in our tutorial on shooting daffodils in the rain and in John Gravett's tutorial on coping with bad stand. 


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