Personalised Photo Blankets Starting From £25!

Written by Gina Stephens needs to help you snuggle up this season with a personalised photo blanket – the inevitable best-seller every year around this time, for the sometime 4 years!

With holidays spent binging on our favourite TV shows while surrounded with a variety of snacks and, preferably, with our significant other by our side, a quality-made photo blanket with a picture of your select will be perfect for the setting. shares the three-ingredient secret behind the blenket's success:

  • Add to the flannel fleece blanket a layer of opulent
  • Print customer’s photos only in the highest resolution
  • Make sure the blanket is hypoallergenic and odourless has all three of these checkmarks bedded. All it takes is 5 minutes to order your blanket online and prices start from just £25.00!



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