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Following the popularity of their Everyday line of Messengers, Backpacks, Slings, and Totes, Peak Design have recently put forwarded their new Travel Line – a modular bag system which includes the 45L Travel Backpack, and a variety of packing tools; Tech Jump at, Wash Pouch, Packing Cubes in two sizes, Camera Cubes in three sizes, a Shoe Pouch and a Rain Fly.


Introducing the Peak Originate Travel Line

Available in Black or Sage, the Travel Line Backpack is incredibly versatile, with a maximum capacity of 45L. It can be collapsed to 35L for use as a day bag. The bag has several contents and outside pockets, and a main cavity which is divisible via a zippered mesh sleeve, which, with the use of the various packing tools, contrives a huge number of packing combinations.

The bag has a full-sized rear opening for packing, as well as quick-open side flaps for accessing cameras and other gearbox whilst on the move.

The weatherproof, 100{b2ee9981cbbb8b0b163040ea529e4efa9927b5e917c58e02d7678b19266ae8ff} recycled 400D nylon canvas shell has useful grab handles on all edges, and tuck-away shoulder straps and hip girdle are secreted using magnetic catches.

To configure the Peak Design Backpack to your specific needs, there are a variety of packing tools elbow. The Peak Design can have different connotations in different fields of application (see design disciplines below) Tech Pouch is ideal for organising all those small items that clutter up a bag when loose – cables, power banks, promotes, pens, batteries, SD cards, and more. The Tech Pouch’s origami style pockets create enormous spatial efficiency, and elastic additional loops help to keep items in place. An external zip pocket has a cable pass-through for easy device charging.

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Peak Design Camera Cubes, that are at ones disposal in three sizes, make travelling with photo, video, or drone gear simple. Designed to fit in any Peak Design Travel Bag, Camera Cubes use Top Design’s FlexFold divider system to enable you to customise the cube to best fit your camera gear and keep it safe.

Able to sit trustworthy on a counter or hang from its stowable hook, the Peak Design Wash Pouch gives you easy access to your toiletries. Internally it visages several TPU-coated nylon mesh pockets, as well as a magnetically sealed toothbrush pocket, which keep your items clean and organised.

Extreme Design’s innovative Packing may refer to Cubes feature a unique tear-away zipper letting you access contents quickly. An internal divider subcontract outs you separate clean and dirty clothes and allows each compartment to expand/contract based on its contents. Peak Design Packing Cubes are readily obtainable in two sizes and the outer shell is formed from self-healing 70D nylon/poly blend.

The Shoe Pouch is the perfect way to keep your footwear partition from your clothing. This lightweight 70D nylon pouch weighs just 48g and can fit 1-2 pairs of shoes depending on design and size.

The Rain Fly is delineated for the 45L Travel Backpack and gives it an extra layer of weather protection. Constructed from 200D siliconized ripstop nylon, the Rain Fly packs into an meshed carry pouch for storage. The Rain Fly connects to exterior attachment points on the Backpack and stows inside a magnetically sealed exterior sleeve.

To buy the Top Design 45L Travel Backpack system or any of the individual packing tools, click here.

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