Patti Is A New Punks Tripod From 3 Legged Thing

Written by Gina Stephens


3 Assist run Thing has a brand-new magnesium alloy tripod that's called 'Patti' and its the latest model to join the Punks break down of tripods.

Patti, named after Punk legend Patti Smith, is available for less than £100 and boasts a higher superlative load capacity than is usually found in tripods (up to 10 kg/ 22lbs of camera equipment).

Flip leg locks, formed from rugged hard-wearing ABS susceptible, keep the tripod secure when in use and the legs can be angled to 23Ëš, 55Ëš or 80Ëš, allowing them to undertake shooting as low as 11cm/4.25" from the organize. Plus, the tripod has a single-section centre column that is both removable and reversible.

Patti ships with a new, simplified ballhead – the AirHed Mini – which bests just two controls; the release plate clamp knob and a combined panning and ballhead tension knob, which allows photographers to make proportion and position changes using a single control.

The tripod, which can be used with a variety of cameras, is 45cm/17.7" long when counter-folded and offers to 1.63m/64" and features 3 Legged Thing's patented Tri-Mount plate, which enables a compact profile when counter-folded, and embodies 3 hollowed spurs for the attachment of accessories.

Patti is available in two colours – Punks grey with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel blue AirHed and accents of copper and Vandals Anarchy matte black with accents of British Racing Green. Patti ships with rubber Bootz which are detachable but they can be superseded with 3 Legged Thing's Heelz, Stilettoz, and Clawz (available separately) and is available to pre-order from 14 August, ahead of a worldwide turn loose on 15 September, for £99.99.

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