Oppo 10x Optical Zoom Smartphone Is Real

Written by Gina Stephens

Image via mydrivers

A couple of days ago we reported that Oppo was possibly set to announce a 10x optical zoom smartphone. 

This came to fruition yesterday in China, when the producer announced that its next phone will indeed have a 10x hybrid optical zoom. This is achieved by combining their 5x optical zoom sensor with a wide-angle lens, which effectively prospers the zoom 10 times. 

There's actually a third lens in the mix too, for regular snaps but this doesn't interfere with the zoom sphere. The new camera module also has Dual OIS image stabilisation in the main camera and telephoto lens. Oppo say the setup was created with over 100 Investigating and development patents and was drop-tested 28,000 times! 

The phone still hasn't been seen in the flesh, but it's reported that there wish be samples at MWC in Barcelona next month, February 2019. 

(Vie, GSMArena)


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