Olloclip Release Clips For iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

Written by Gina Stephens


olloclip has bring to light three new mobile clips designed exclusively for Apple's latest flagship smartphones.

The XR, XS and XS Max clips or CLIP may refer to are designed for use with olloclip's Pin X lenses to quickly and easily enhance the iPhone camera perspective with different fields-of-view. Each clip features an expanding design that unbosoms to be completely screen protector compatible and aligns with both front and rear cameras. Every Connect X lens is also compatible with the new olloclip iPhone part clips.

olloclip's Essential Telephoto 2x is available in the Connect X system but the camera in the new iPhones has a slighter wider field of view than in the past so olloclip is optimising this lens for use with the new iPhones and it should be ready in early 2019. The Pro Telephoto works well with the new iPhones and is on tap now at a special introductory price of £89.99.

The olloclip iPhone XR clip is now available for £17.99 and the XS and XS Max clips are close by now for £26.99. A variety of clip and lens product combinations are also available, starting from the 'Intro' series for the entry-level transportable photographer, to the 'Pro' series for the enthusiast.

For more information and product availability, visit the olloclip website.


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