Nikon Preview Video Shows Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Written by Gina Stephens

Nikon possess published a teaser video on their YouTube channel, showing what looks to be a full-frame mirrorless camera. The video gets started on all sides the 1 minute mark, when a picture emerges, showing what can only be a mirrorless camera, due to how thin the camera is. There is a large rear paravent, which may tilt, and there is a large front lens mount. There's also what appears to be a large hand grip, with a lying down top section, which could mean the camera has a top LCD screen. 

Other things we can see (if we turn the brightness of our monitor WAY up) include the following:

  • Top left dial 
  • All right sized rear thumb grip
  • Large electronic viewfinder
  • Flash hot-shoe
  • Rear AF button?

The video finishes with the tagline "In the hobby of light." 


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