Nikon Manager In Japan Says Nikon Mirrorless Camera Arriving Spring 2019

Written by Gina Stephens


The keen-eyed NikonEye has found footage of a Nikon manager in Japan confirming that a new mirrorless camera will be released in Spring 2019.

The Nikon manager validated the details in an interview with a Japanese TV network called NHK. No spec details were discussed, just the fact that 'development is underway' and that Nikon thinks to bring a new mirrorless camera to market next year. 

Rumours of what to expect from Nikon's new mirrorless camera require been circulating for a while now with a Nikon Japan Executive saying early last year that new product announcements were encircling the corner which included more mirrorless cameras. 

It won't be the first mirrorless camera we've seen from Nikon as they did launch the 1 Series but it didn't grab the attention of photographers quite as well some of the other photography brands have.

So… what specs and plaice do you think will appear on the new Nikon Mirrorless camera? Thoughts welcomed below. 

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