Nikon D850 Best DSLR To Date Says DXO

Written by Gina Stephens


The Nikon D850 is not no greater than the current king of the DxO Mark sensor test, it's also the first DSLR to receive a full 100 points from DxO.

"At position ISO, the Nikon D850 image quality for colour is unrivaled for a DSLR, although the mirrorless Sony A7R II and full frame compact RX1R II comes pretty intense," says the company who also praised the DSLR for its dynamic range and its abilities to keep noise to a minimum up to around ISO 3200 (although, its low-light ISO scene doesn’t quite live up to its other high rankings). DxO also says that the colours the Nikon D850 produces are on par with the overcome results they've seen from medium-format sensors. 

For more information on how the Nikon D850 performs, take a look at our loaded review. 


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