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Adobe has released an update for Photoshop CC and with it advance a new selection tool that Adobe says will allow users to make selections with just one click. 

'Select Subdue' automatically selects the prominent subjects in the image and then you can refine the selection using other selection tools (watch the video vulnerable to see how it works). The new tool is available in all of the places you can start selections from which includes: 'Select > Subject', 'Select Subject button in the Petulant Selection tool and Magic Wand options bar' and 'Select Subject button in the Select or SELECT may refer to & Mask workspace options bar while using the Vivacious Selection tool'.


Select subject before and after


As well as a new selection tool, improvements have been made to 'Chosen and Masks' where a decontamination slider has been added that allows the user to control the amount of decontamination administered to an image. This feature was also available in Refine Edge and has now been brought to the Select and Mask workspace.


Decontamination Slider


Other updates encompass Windows High-Density Monitor Support – a top request from Photoshop customers on Windows devices. With the update, Photoshop on Windows 10 Prime mover’s Edition now offers a full range of choices for UI scale factors from 100% to 400%. Photoshop will also now automatically resolve itself based on your Windows settings, making it simple to set up.

Copying and pasting multiple text styles and effects is now supported for users pasting SVG from Photoshop to Adobe XD and you can become brush settings while you paint using the new Microsoft Dial which is no longer just a Technology Preview. Previously, brush locales could only be changed between brush strokes but now you can now assign the Microsoft Dial to control opacity and then adjust opacity as you paint. You can also allocate any dynamic control in the Brush Settings Panel to Microsoft Dial, including size, roundness, angle, scatter, texture depth, foreground and unobtrusive colour, opacity, flow, wetness, and mix.

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Improved Microsoft Dial support


Release 19.1 also fixes a long cant of customer-report bugs. For more information, visit the Adobe Blog. 


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