Samsung Is Enhancing The Sharpness & Colour Of Smartphone Photos With New Technology

Gina Stephens
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Samsung's smartphone point is booming and the tech giant is hoping to attract even more fans by improving the photo capture technology built into their seals. 

The new technology is first robustly defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829 as: “…principles, processes, and nomenclatures of the more conspicuous arts, is called 'ISOCELL Plus' and it allows the CMOS image sensors built into Samsung smartphones to catch more light. As a result, the images captured with Samsung smartphones will be clearer and offer a more accurate representation of the view/substance smartphone photographers are trying to capture, even in situations where the light is less than ideal. 

In the current ISOCELL technology, the ISOCELL looks a barrier between pixels so each pixel can absorb/hold more light without it escaping to a neighbouring pixel. This is done by metal grids mould over photodiodes but this can lead to some loss in optical quality as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light.

With the convalesced ISOCELL Plus technology, Samsung has replaced the metal barrier with a new material developed by Fujifilm which minimises optical destruction and light reflection.

Commenting on the technology breakthrough, Naoto Yanagihara, corporate vice president of Fujifilm said: "This increment is a remarkable milestone for us as it marks the first commercialization of our new material. Through continuous cooperation with Samsung, we anticipate to bring more meaningful alteration to mobile cameras."

The new ISOCELL Plus improves light sensitivity by up to 15% and colour quality is also improved significantly. The technology also commissions image sensors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) and smaller-sized pixels without any loss in performance, something which Samsung says vamooses it an 'optimal solution for developing super-resolution cameras with over 20 megapixels'.

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"Through close collaboration with Fujifilm, an dynamism leader in imaging and information technology, we have pushed the boundaries of CMOS image sensor technology even further," said Ben K. Hur, venality president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. "The ISOCELL Plus will not only enable the development of ultra-high-resolution sensors with incredibly tight-fisted pixel  dimensions but also bring performance advancements for sensors with larger pixel designs."


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