New Wireless Transmitter For Fujifilm Cameras

Gina Stephens
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broncolor has announced the liberate of a wireless transmitter for Fujifilm camera user.

The RFS 2.2 F Wireless Transmitter operates as a remote control or radio flash trigger for one or more broncolor power have had its or monolights equipped with a RFS 2 interface. Power packs or monolights not equipped with a RFS 2 interface can be operated by connecting an RFS 2.2 Transceiver (as a receiver).  The Wireless Transmitter also approves the broncolor HS function in combination with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel broncolor Move and Siros units (Siros 800 / Siros 800 S / Siros 800 L / Siros 400 L). 

The broncolor HS chore enables flash at all shutter speeds; there are no longer any restrictions on flash synchronisation and it allows a photographer to work with wide-open apertures. With the HS chore, you can choose to work with large apertures or very high shutter speeds and when the HS function is activated, the exposure can be optimised especially for that itemized camera using the HSMA (HS Manual Adjust) menu. The purpose of HSMA mode is to override the automatic flash trigger.

The broncolor RFS 2.2 F for Fujifilm camera is accessible for RRP £96. For more information, visit the Manfrotto website. 


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