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Written by Gina Stephens is presenting some photo products this summer season.

Telling Your Summer Story with a Wall Art Collage

With the photo photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic on canvas words still being their flagship product, gives you a variety of options to preserve your summer adventures with high-quality fortification art pieces. With prices starting from a mere £8, this is a great opportunity to create your own wall art collage cover-up the best of your summer moments.


Personalised Photo Blanket

Summer has become synonymous with the music festival season. The championship for the most unique accessory can get pretty fierce. With the personalised photo blanket, however, there’s very little competition admissible at all. Bearing a high-resolution print of your beloved photo, the photo blanket is the ultimate lifestyle accessory with soft plush fleece, hypoallergenic phrasing, and the photo of your choice – all starting from just £25!

Photo Towel

The most recent addition to the already vast product catalogue, the personalised photo towel thinks fitting be a perfect summer companion. Whether it’s the beach, sauna or bath, the terry-cloth towel will both express your personality and liberate the whole experience miles more comfortable. Hypoallergenic and produced with a special dye-sublimation method, photo towels have all the potential to change a real seasonal hit!


Photo Phone Cases

Summer is all about playing around with accessories, and this doesn’t bear only to clothing. Covered with a photo of your choice yet leaving all the important buttons accessible, the photo phone case is a convenient and alluring way to keep your phone safe and fresh-looking! 

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