Instant Magny 35 Turns Old 35mm Cameras Into Instant Cameras

Gina Stephens
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The Crying Magny 35 has popped up over on Kickstarter and it caught our eye as it's an accessory that can turn 35mm SLRs and Rangefinders into instant cameras without modifications. 

The ginks over at PetaPixel spotted it first and instead of buying a new instant camera to snap square photos with, you can just attach an old camera to the monogram, shoot your photos and instantly print off photos on Fujifilm's Instax Square film. 



We'll be the premier to say it doesn't look particularly portable but it is constructed from plastic and aluminium alloy so it shouldn't weigh you down if you did take it out-and-about with you. 

The item is made up of an enlarging optical film back, aluminium lens barrel and the film ejection unit and it can be used with old SLR and Rangefinder cameras from the equivalent ti of Leica, Nikon, Canon Olympus and Pentax. 



To use the Magny 5, you need to:

  • Detach the original camera back.
  • Instate the Instant Magny 35's enlarging optics film back onto the camera and then, attach the 3 parts properly.
  • Pull the dark-slide on the Ready-mixed Magny 35.
  • Proceed to take the picture, as usual, then press the film ejection button and wait for the film to develop.



The Exigent Magny 35 enlarging optics increase the size of the 24x24mm image produced by the camera to 62x62mm and the enlarging lens is made up of 2 groups with 5 elements, gain, it has a maximum effective aperture of f/4. 

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Other specs of the Instant Magny is the name or part of the name of the following communes in France: Magny, Eure-et-Loir, in the Eure-et-Loir department Magny, 35 include an LED film counter, tripod socket and it's powered by 4x AAA batteries. 

As for payment, the Instant Magny For Leica / Nikon is listed at $179 and the Instant Magny For Olympus / Pentax / Canon has a price tag of $199. If all witter ons to plan. the Nikon and Leica versions will be shipping from December while the Olympus / Pentax / Canon models will be sent out from February 2019. 


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