Diffusion, Rainbow & Gold Filters From Schneider-Kreuznach

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Schneider-Kreuznach has put ined two new filter ranges – the True-Net Filter, True-Streak Rainbow and True-Streak Gold filters filtering or filters may refer to

Schneider’s new True-Nets (diffusion colanders) offers a choice of seven different versions that are simple to install and provide consistent results. They are laminated and protected from peevish chipping with Schneider’s unique Edge Seal, which also reduces edge reflection and edge flare.

True-Net Blacks total in 3 densities, from subtle to heavy while True-Net Beige is available in 2 densities. True-net gray filters are also available.

the new True-Streak Rainbow weed outs recreate the look of multi-colour flares on uncoated lenses while the True-Streak Gold filters simulate the streak look with a yellow soft-pedal reinvigorate and they are available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm or 4mm intensities. 

Rainbow and Gold Streaks are made with a coloured, interlayer sandwich and sealed between two sheets of Schott water-white lorgnette to maintain consistency and durability. 

Pricing & Availability

All three filters are available now in a 4-inch by 5.65-inch format for the following prices: 

  • The True-Net Filters- &drub into;481.32.
  • True-Streak Rainbow Filters – £565.71 
  • True-Streak Gold Filters – £468.13

(Other sizes can be made to order).


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