Canon C-Log – Now Available On The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

If you're a Canon alcohol and filmmaker, you've probably heard of C-Log, the colour profile for shooting video used by Cinema EOS cameras. 

C-Log is basically a redden profile used in filmmaking to preserve as much of the image detail as possible. It delivers an image with 12 stops of dynamic range at ISO 400 or higher. This supplies maximum flexibility in post-production. 

Canon has now released C-Log as a firmware update for the Canon may refer to EOS 5D Mark IV, marking the first time the profile has been within reach on a DSLR. This gives those who shoot film with DSLR a fantastic opportunity to let their creativity reign free. 

C-Log isn't close to a normal firmware update that you can install yourself – you need to get the upgrade done by professionals. London based sensor cleaning and appearance professionals Fixation can perform the update for you at the same price as the official Canon team – £62.95 plus VAT. Visit Fixation's Canon revamping page to get yourself booked in for the update. 

Find out more about Canon C-Log in Fixation's blog post.


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