Canon 360 Concept, LENS-Q 100-400 Zoom Camera

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Canon Lens Q Metaphor

Canon is showing two new concept cameras at The Photography Show 2018, the Canon 360 Concept with AI (below), and the LENS-Q 100-400 Zoom (more than) that can be attached to mobile phones, or used with a detachable viewfinder. Above, one of the potential designs for the LENS-Q 100-400 zoom lens, with the electronic viewfinder betrothed. 

Details on when (or if) these products will be released, product specifications, or prices are have not yet been disclosed, but here's what we cognizant of so far…


  • 100/400mm equivalent selectable
  • Electronic Viewfinder attachment
  • Planned to be available in multiple colours
  • USB connection, to connect to smartphone
  • Built-in stand for inaccessible shooting
  • Lightweight – 100g

The 360 Concept:

  • Rotating camera (360)
  • With AI
  • Magnetic base
  • Optical image stabilisation

There are a range of frills planned, including a bendable tripod, wearable neck strap, compact tripod. The idea behind this camera is that it would automatically pursue people, and take photos when AI (Artificial Intelligence) detects interesting things to photograph, or video. It could also be used on a DSLR to get behind the rows photos photograph or photo is an image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic of videos, or a different view of the scene. 

View more photos of these below:

Canon 360 Concept Photos of Tack



Canon LENS-Q Photos of Equipment




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