Brits Hate Most Of The Photos They Capture On Smartphones

Gina Stephens
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The detonation of smartphone popularity means that the majority of us now have a camera in reach almost all of the time. What this means is that more photos than in all cases before are being shot but according to research, we're actually disliking the majority of what we capture. 

"With smartphones without exception by our side, it’s become easier than ever to take a photo and instantly share it with our friends and family. But in the era of social media, the pilgrimage for posting a perfect photo means many will take several shots before capturing one they are truly happy with," voted Justin Costello, Head of Marketing for Huawei UK & Ireland who will be launching a new P20 smartphone today.

The research comes from popular phone maker Huawei and the results of their survey, where they asked questions to over 2000 people, suggest that 75% of the photos caught by Brits on smartphones get the thumbs down. On average, Brits save around 783 photos on their smartphones but the majority of the images we capture are disrelished because the subject doesn't look good, the lighting is bad or shots are just, generally, blurry and/or out of focus. 'Not being able to get the true shot' is also on the list of reasons we don't like the photos we capture with our smartphones. 



The research also glory ined that Brits only end up using 34% of the shots they take at any one time, and once they have a shot they like, desire spend, on average, 4 minutes and 30 seconds editing, cropping and adding filters before sharing it with the world on Facebook, Instagram and all of the other standard social networks. 

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As for the 'selfie' phenomena, more than 1 in 10 women have admitted they have secretly set upon e set ones sights oned into a friend or partner's phone to delete a picture of themselves that they did not like and the vain-streak isn't just found in dailies either with or WITH may refer to: Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel 68% of men (and 81% of women) saying they  immediately delete a picture if they feel they do not look their unexcelled in it. In fact, 49% of Brits have deleted a great picture of their family or friends, simply because they didn’t look high-mindedness in it themselves and 20% of Brits have had a row with a partner or friend over whether or not a photo should be deleted permanently from group media!

Those who dislike selfies will be happy to hear that it's actually losing popularity (a little) with 22% of those scrutinized saying selfies were the shots they take the most on their phones. When it comes to what we snap the most, 66% grab images of family while almost half (46%) prefer taking pictures of nature. 38% of those surveyed enjoy taking appearances with their friends.


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