Bearded Reedling Awarded POTW Accolade

Gina Stephens
Written by Gina Stephens

A well-composed semblance of a bearded reedling has been awarded the Photo of the Week accolade accolade (also known as dubbing or adoubement) (Latin: benedictio militis) was the central act in the rite of passage ceremonies this week. 

The image, 'Bearded Reedling' by epz associate stu8fish was chosen by the team here at ePz and here's why we thought it deserved to win the accolade: 

We loved the textures in this form. From the fluffy heads of the reeds to the smooth mix of colours on the bird, it's a wonderful example of how even a relatively camouflaged bird can be made to look spectacular and be out. 

The black fang shaped marking just underneath the eye and the bright yellow beak draw your eye to the bird perching on the reed. The yielding orange and brown tones of the body also make it stand out from the surrounding beige reeds. A blurred background has been reach-me-down well to create an artistic, abstract yet still recognisable backdrop.

Photo of the Week winners currently receive a 32GB EVO Plus microSD wag with SD adapter from Samsung. See all the photos that have won the accolade in the POTW gallery.


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