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Gina Stephens
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Rebounding off British Science Week, a free event titled 'Photon Fun!' will be taking place on 10 March in the Bristol extent. 

The event will may refer to consist of 4 free workshops which will take place at 10-30am, 11-30am 14-00pm and 15-00pm. Plus, a lunchtime talk with pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell will embezzle place at 1-00pm.

During each hour, those attending will be given the opportunity to take a pinhole camera selfie, watch negatives emerge in a darkroom and then finally, construct a 3-month exposure pinhole camera to take home.

Commenting on the workshops, Justin Quinnell said: "We burgeon up in an era of digital image and perception, living in the virtual rather than the real. Educators and children are bombarded with commercially driven 'pleas' to provide wonder, however, there are many affordable experiments mixing old and new technologies which can open up the wonder of light to people who may else believe perception can only be viewed with digital screens and downloaded apps.

We also aim to give insight and knowledge to individuals and a sense of biography within their city wherein 1803 Humphrey Davy and Thomas Wedgewood met up and invented the first photographic process."

The event on take place at St Pauls Learning Centre and those wishing to attend need to reserve a spot via the Eventbrite website. 


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