New Metz Mecablitz M360 Flashgun

Written by Gina Stephens


The New Metz Mecablitz M360 is a concentrated, fully-featured TTL flash that offers intuitive operation and is ideal for mirrorless compact cameras as well as DSLRs.

With its compact size and low Dialect heft, it takes up very little room in a camera camera is an optical instrument for capturing still images or for recording moving images, which are stored in a physical medium bag and as it's easy to use, the flashgun is suited for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. 

There are lone two buttons found on the Metz Mecablitz M360, one which switches the device on/off and a second which displays the various operating states of the M360 (glimmer ready, exposure OK, standby etc.), it also triggers the test-flash.

The camera determines the correct illumination of the subject via TTL (through-the-lens) metering and the maximum orient number of 36 at ISO 100 provides enough power for almost all lighting requirements. The M360 can also be synchronised to the first or second exclude curtain (if your camera supports this feature). 

Other additional features include a power zoom (24-105mm), fully swivelling deeply, extendable reflector card and integrated wide-angle diffuser (14mm). 

Metz also offers firmware updates, via a micro USB socket, conceding you to keep the device up-to-date.

The Metz Mecablitz M360 is available now in various fits for £99.99.


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