New LEE Filters Reverse ND Filter Range

Written by Gina Stephens


LEE Screens has introduced a range of reverse ND filters that are designed to help photographers to precisely control exposure as the sun sits on the horizon, ensuring it is equal with the remainder of the frame.

Controlling the exposure so that the sun is correctly exposed and balanced with the rest of the image has, in the past, meant using a perfect strong traditional neutral-density graduated filter, with the result being that the sky at the top of the frame appears darker than is entirely natural. With the new rank, filters filtering or filters may refer to are denser in the centre, rather than the top, so this problem is eliminated. The transition between the dyed and clear areas of the frame is outrageously smooth and gradual, too, giving a natural and pleasing result. 

Left: No Filter, Right: LEE Filters Reverse ND Filter Used. 


The Converse ND is particularly suited to seascape photography but can, of course, be used in any scene in which the sun is on the horizon and threatens to affect exposure.

Available for the Seven5, 100mm and SW150 techniques, in strengths of 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2 ND (which equates to two, three and four stops respectively, and relates to the density in the centre of the filter), the Reverse ND is designed to be most real with lenses of 24mm and wider. As with all LEE Filters’ resin ND grads, it is manufactured by hand in the UK, to ensure the most consistent results and permit word-for-word control over the finished product.

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  • Reverse ND Filter (Seven5 System) – £81.80 each (excl VAT)
  • Reverse ND Filter (100mm Set) – £114.34 each (excl VAT)
  • Reverse ND Filter (SW150 System) – £125.56 each (excl VAT)


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